My ERP masterclass is designed to help you develop an action plan, so you can take control of your OCD starting TODAY.

If you hate how OCD makes you feel stuck, guilty, anxious, and like you can't trust, then you want to learn how to apply Exposure Response Prevention (evidence based therapy for OCD). When I first found out I have OCD, I learned the different ways you can do exposures and how to design a response prevention plan. I felt like I finally had a game plan I can work with. A road map I could create, implement, and adjust. One particular exposure style turned out to be very effective for me and I would come back to it time and time again when my intrusive thoughts came up. After mastering ERP (which takes practice over time), I finally started to feel relief and knew that whenever a trigger would come up, I had a plan I could lean on to carry me through the bad times. I also learned to trust myself and my ERP plan over time. Now, I strive to use my expertise to help people like you overcome your OCD. -Kristina

Course curriculum

    1. Be OCD Free: ERP Mindset Masterclass Welcome

    2. Welcome and Syllabus

    1. Why Do I Have OCD video lesson

    2. OCD Symptoms Exercise

    3. OCD Symptom Tracker Download

    4. Breaking the Cycle: An OCD Awareness Technique

    1. OCD Anxiety Cycle Video Lesson

    2. Journaling the Anxious Moments: An Exploration of the Anxiety Cycle

    1. Reassurance and Accommodation video lesson

    2. OCD Accommodation & Reassurance Changes: A Quick Guide

    3. Reassurance and Accommodation Checklist Download

    1. What has OCD taken video lesson

    2. The Hidden Cost of OCD: Journaling Time

    1. Why ERP? Types of Exposures & Response Prevention video lesson

    2. Exposure styles and Response Prevention Prompts

    3. Imagina Exposures (habituation model)

    4. In Vivo Exposures

    5. Interoceptive Exposures

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • 🌟Comprehensive ERP Training: A structured masterclass covering Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, designed to help participants understand and conquer OCD.

  • 🎓Expert Guidance: Led by a licensed marriage and family therapist who has extensive experience in treating OCD using ERP techniques.

  • 📝 Interactive Worksheets: Downloadable worksheets to apply ERP exercises and track your progress.

  • 📽️Video Lessons: Engaging video lessons providing in-depth explanations of ERP principles, techniques, and case studies for practical insights.

  • 🌟Bonuses: guided meditations, problem solving, and SMART Goal setting to help you on your journey

What People Are Saying:

“Thank you for your help and great effort in teaching me and guiding me through OCD. Words are not enough.”


“Your resources were so helpful! I feel better now and I think I have all the tools to move forward.”


Does OCD make you feel stuck, guilty, anxious, or like you can't trust yourself?

Learn ERP and learn to trust yourself again.